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Thanks for the session. It's not always easy to work through stuff... but it's always good to enjoy/experience the benefit. It was confronting on quite a few levels, so thanks for giving me the space and time to process it at my pace.

All the best,


(following first EFT session together)

I had my first session of EFT with April and had feelings of restricted breathing - I felt like I could only take half of a full breath. After the very first time running through the Constricted Breathing EFT protocol, I felt a release in my chest and I was able to take a full, unrestricted breath! It was wonderful!


In conversation, I shared with my mother some of what happened in our EFT session. She really didn't believe that the techniques could help a person that much. I shared with her a rescue technique. She had a pain in her shoulder that was bothering her but didn't tell me until the next day that she incredulously tried the rescue technique and it really worked! Her pain in her shoulder was gone!


(following first session together)

What  an amazing journey I had with April and the EFT methods!  After a serious car accident, I had several fears and limitations that prevented me from resuming my normal life.  April kindly suggested I try EFT with her.  I’m so glad I took that first step!  I did not know anything about EFT, but trusted April and her knowledge.  We worked through everything step by step, and always led by what issues I  expressed to her.  Between the sessions with April and the homework I did, I saw immediate progress!  I will always be thankful to April, and highly recommend her to others! 


(following fifth EFT sessions together)

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