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Services may be provided in person or via Zoom conferencing.

Introductory Session: $25

This is a way for us to meet and build rapport and ensure that we are a good fit for each other and that you as a client are within my scope of practice. We will discuss your concerns and hopes for EFT sessions with me. You will also learn some basic EFT skills so you can begin helping yourself. You will be expected to pay the full amount for this introductory session upon the commencement of our work together.

Please contact me below to schedule your introductory Session with me. Once you have scheduled your appointment, you will receive an email containing my Disclosure & Coaching Agreement that must be signed and returned prior to our work together.


After our Introductory Session, if you would like to continue with further services or are uncertain whether EFT is right for you, I offer single sessions which can be beneficial on their own, however typically, people will enjoy greater freedom doing a series of sessions (typically weekly or biweekly) as we work to discover the history and beliefs about your concerns and address these by tapping on events that have occurred. These packages of sessions are discounted below the single session price. You will be expected to pay the full amount for services upon the commencement of our work together.

Single Sessions: $90



Three Sessions: $255 ($15 discount)

Five Sessions: $425 ($25 discount)

Session length varies from 60-90 minutes depending on where we are at in processing your emotional or physical concerns. My goal is always to keep you safe. If time does not allow us to dive deeper or if I feel you need "space" to process what we have been working on during your session, the session may be shorter. On the other hand if there is just "one more piece" that we can safely accomplish within this time frame, we will do so.


Touch Up Single Sessions

When you have purchased a package in the past and need a random one session to address an immediate need or recall other events related to our previous sessions, I offer Touch Up Sessions at the cost of the single price of your package as listed above.

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