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I am a retired special education teacher/process coordinator living in the rural Midwest of the United States. Following retirement, I continue my caring educational services as an essential oil educator and as a volunteer Christian Education teacher and Children’s Church worker. In addition, I enjoy my days offering my services as a pet care provider and as an EFT Coach.

I have been married to my husband for over 30 years. We enjoy hiking, biking, and gardening together in the spring and summer and reading, putting puzzles together, and playing board games together during the winter months.

I was introduced to EFT by a practitioner at my acupuncturist’s office over 12 years ago. Since that time I also participated in some online “tapping” groups. I began seriously studying EFT with a certified trainer in the fall of 2020 and am now certified as an EFT provider through Emotional Freedom Techniques International (EFTi).

I have successfully utilized EFT with myself and others not just for emotional aspects but also for limiting beliefs surrounding vocational, relationship (including spiritual), and financial concerns, for “bad habits”, and for past traumatic events. In addition I have found EFT beneficial in dealing with various health aspects (which often have emotional and/or spiritual roots).

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